• film She wanders/wanders and porcelain mourning envelopes, Every day for a year, displayed at exhibition at F. Block gallery, University of West of England, Bristol
  • Every day for a year exhibition at Back Lane West Residency Cornwall featuring film she wonders/wanders and 186 porcelain envelopes
  • Davina kirkpatrick's hand printed textiles for the height of him exhibition co curated with Carol Laidler at Back Lane West Residency Cornwall
  • Tying the Threads, installation of tattered, torn shirts of a dead love.
  • She wander/wonders film directed by Davina Kirkpatrick, music by Sam Hardaker, cameras Ryan Sharp, Mark Guthrie, . A woman in a glass dress walks the paths of the glory wood Dorking and Prussia Cove Cornwall. An embodiment of grief and loss

New view

Revisiting Tying the Threads

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As part of The Basildon Bond Experience exchange with Annabel Pettigrew, and after discovering two cuffs I had saved from Chris’ favourite shirts that I had ripped into tatters and tied to the... READ MORE