• film She wanders/wanders and porcelain mourning envelopes, Every day for a year, displayed at exhibition at F. Block gallery, University of West of England, Bristol
  • Every day for a year exhibition at Back Lane West Residency Cornwall featuring film she wonders/wanders and 186 porcelain envelopes
  • Davina kirkpatrick's hand printed textiles for the height of him exhibition co curated with Carol Laidler at Back Lane West Residency Cornwall
  • Tying the Threads, installation of tattered, torn shirts of a dead love.
  • She wander/wonders film directed by Davina Kirkpatrick, music by Sam Hardaker, cameras Ryan Sharp, Mark Guthrie, . A woman in a glass dress walks the paths of the glory wood Dorking and Prussia Cove Cornwall. An embodiment of grief and loss

New view

Memorial Commission

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I was very happy to be asked to create a memorial commission using fragments of mining waste (slag). These metal disks were too fragile to be handled and were kept in a drawer,... READ MORE


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The first book created by The Bodies Collective Research Group has been sent to the publishers Routledge and some of the group (Claudia Canella, Jess Erb, Alys Mendus and myself) managed to convene... READ MORE