ARE Presentation with Dr. Dolores Steinman

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How do you show the dialogic nature of our collaboration and how our conversations have sparked a rich rhizomatic abundance of ideas for possible artworks? We decided on a Miro board that would help group and order our disorderly thoughts. Our collaboration is very much a work in progress –

Some thoughts:

The commonalities and the differences of Covid experiences, the collective experience of not being in control, how that brings us closer to experiences of death and loss. Importance of ritual to hold us as we walk with death. How do we create new rituals when the old ones are not possible? Thinking about how my hand feather vessels link to clouds and trying to hold emptiness. Dolores creepy Christmas tree birds – the guilt of deletion and the materialisation of birds in other forms/materials. Nothingness can mean so many different things. Welcoming/versatile nothingness. We each assign meaning to nothingness. Attempt to create/mould/to represent nothingness. Morphing into other meanings. Meditative making, stretchy time and letting it accompany our living/thinking. Stitching – letting the needle express what is turning inside.

Are we filling the void to give shape to loss or preparing ourselves for our own death?

Miro board
Miro board detail
Miro board detail
Miro board detail

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