Artful Collaborative Inquiry, Making and Writing Collaborative Qualitative Research published by Routledge.

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I am so delighted that the book I spent a lot of the last year designing, typesetting and co-editing with Prof. Jane Speedy and Prof.. Jonathan Wyatt is published by Routledge. It is dedicated to the wonderful, inspiring scholar and friend Dr Sue Porter, our posthumous co-editor.

The book comprises essays created collectively by a group of scholars and artists, the majority of whom have several decades of experience of working together. These are Joanne Barber, Prue Bramwell Davies, Catriona Brodie, Laurinda Brown, Marion Donaldson, Melissa Dunlop, Janice Flier, Ken Gale, Mike Gallant, Luci Gorell Barnes, Donna Kemp, Carol Laidler, Marion Leibmann, Chara Lo, Lynn Maddern, Marina Malthouse, Viv Martin, Alys Mendus, Jelena Nolan, Sarah Nymenhall, Margaret Page, Katrina Plumb, Bubu Pyrsou, Jane Recce, Malcolm Reed, Ann Rippin, Artemi Sakellariadis, Chris Scarlet, Tami spry, Peggy Stiles, Goya Wilson Vasquez, Andrew Wallis, Tessa Wyatt, Louise Younie.

It is full of glorious inspiring images, artwork and collaborative co-created texts.

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