(Practice as Research)

Central to Davina’s practice based research is the use of narrative and the metaphorical to reveal multiple layers of meaning and how they work in relation to what continues to exist, and what is missing in the physical world.

The practice consists of :

The creation of objects, prints, films, installations that relate both to personal and collaborative narratives of grief, loss, pain and embodiment.

Conversation and metalogue (following Bateson1973:2000).

The creation of ritual/performance in site specific locations. Documentation of these temporal experiences.

Performative explorations of practice as research, narrative inquiry, autoethnography as conference papers.

Every day for a year

Every day for a year exhibition at Back Lane West Residency Cornwall featuring film she wonders/wanders and 186 porcelain envelopes

The height of him

Davina kirkpatrick's hand printed textiles for the height of him exhibition co curated with Carol Laidler at Back Lane West Residency Cornwall

Objects of loss

objects of loss participatory art project at Back Lane west residency cornwall

Dress of glass

glass dress, cast glass swan's feathers, enamelled metal on a flexible glass fibre rod frame, with corset, embodied grief

She wanders/wonders film

She wander/wonders film directed by Davina Kirkpatrick, music by Sam Hardaker, cameras Ryan Sharp, Mark Guthrie, . A woman in a glass dress walks the paths of the glory wood Dorking and Prussia Cove Cornwall. An embodiment of grief and loss

Presence of absence

duo-tone offset lithograph print, dust name, uncanny, happenstance, cambridge, presence of absence

Walking in his shoes

One foot in front of the other

Davina Kirkpatrick's Cyanotype of slippers with sunflower, from residency at CAKE kildare, Ireland


Memorial window

Davina Kirkpatrick's stained glass memorial window St ives Cornwall