Collaboration update with Dolores Steinman

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cupped hands (photographically inverted so like an X-ray) holding a sunset cloud curtain sphere.
Dolores with feather hand vessel on head

I have had the cloud/hand images digitally printed and have been gilding the fingertips.

I have sent one of the deconstructed feather hand vessels to Dolores to do with as she likes, the box arrives squashed and even more deconstructed inside!

Some thoughts from our meetings:

Are we filling the void to give shape to loss or preparing ourselves for our own death?

The commonalities and the differences of Covid experiences, the collective experience of not being in control, how that brings us closer to experiences of death and loss.

Importance of ritual to hold us as we walk with death. How do we create new rituals when the old ones are not possible?

Possibilities for exploring the witch – we are the granddaughters of the witches they did not hang (Haraway).

Transient global amnesia – A block of time gone

Slipping on a slide, a whole drawer is missing, 

fragments floating and changing like clouds.

Times when nothing happens/void.

Grieving our former selves.

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