Collaboration with Dolores Steinman for ARE (Art, Resilience, Economy)

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cupped hands holding clouds

I am starting to turn our conversations into visual form there will be more….

We have had a back and forth of emails and two zoom meetings that drift like the clouds across the sky. At the moment we are excited with ideas around –

Tangible proof.

Ephemerality and the materialisation of the ephemeral.

Dreaming with clouds, allowing them to drift through one’s consciousness. Pinning or not pinning meaning. 

Creating the ineffable 

Thinking about how my hand feather vessels (see previous blog post) link to clouds and trying to hold emptiness.

Dolores creepy Christmas tree birds – the guilt of deletion and the materialisation of birds in other forms/materials.

Nothingness can be mean so many different things. Welcoming/versatile nothingness.

We each assign meaning to nothingness. Attempt to create/mould/to represent nothingness. Morphing into other meanings.

Meditative making, stretchy time and letting it accompany our living/thinking. 

Stitching – letting the needle express what is turning inside.

Artists we have made reference to – Berndnaut Smilde and his cloud installations, James Turrell’s fog and light installations and Antony Gormely’s Blind Light.

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