(Collaborative Practice as Research)

The nature of participatory projects is open-ended with the potential for changing and transforming each person involved. Taking the time and learning to listen to oneself and others is a key aspect to this potential being realised. As Till (2011) emphasises, care includes everything we do to maintain, continue, repair our world so we can live in it, inherent in this is allowing oneself to be vulnerable and challenges the presumption that the other is exactly like the self.

Conversation and “metalogue”, following Bateson (1972), provides an indeterminate space where there is the possibility to not resolve a question but open up discussion; how discourse and practice work upon us and open up the possibility of change. (Davies & Gannon 2006:5) The exchange of words provide access points, moments of meeting between people, a sharing of experience.

Walking/Not walking

Carol walking on Hayle beach

Beside Myself: Inside and Alongside

Owned by the non-human agent Ona-Viking Ulf

Ulf is standing in the River Exe , hit is as red as him.

Ritual for loss

enamelled printed vest on copper for
shown at making at Maker Heights Cornwall

Library of Pilgrimages

library of pilgrimage Sue Porter's box made posthumously by davina Kirkpatrick and Glenn Hall, showing maps, accessibility issues  and standing stones on Anglesey

Museum Box Project

SPP, museum box, Dorsey dance

Tying the threads

Tying the threads Black rock nature reserve river severn

Ash into feather

Davina Kirkpatrick being tattooed by Radu Rusu, Truro Cornwall photographed by Karen Abadie

Embodied absence

cast glass dish with cremains

Remembering fields

Pensieve, gifted object to Professor Owain Jones as part of Remembered Fields collaborative practice as research project