pilgrimage boxes containing artefacts and memories of pilgrimages undertaken
Pilgrimage boxes by various members of Space Place Practice

This was a Space Place Practice project. Davina created two pilgrimage contributions one came from the Tying the threads project and the other was a posthumously re-imagined pilgrimage for Dr. Sue Porter.

Tying the threads – The box contains a concertina book of prints and photographs that record the linear decomposition of the ripped tatters of two favorite shirts of a dead partner, washed by the tide twice a day and photographed every month for two years; a poignant contrast to the non-linearity of grief.

There are three pilgrimage threads. Sue Porter and Glenn Hall (Sue’s husband) visit cromlechs on Anglesey, following Janet and Colin Bord’s book.Glenn Hall and Davina Kirkpatrick revisit the sites after Sue’s death to leave cremains and a white stone in memoriam. They then interpret Sue’s initial ideas posthumously into artwork for the box.