This project was initiated by Dr Suze Adams for the Space Place Practice research group (SPP). it began on picnic where members brought with them and talked about ‘something of their place’. The Members were then each given a Nineteenth Century museum box from The Natural History Museum in which/with which to re-present their ‘something of place’.

Here, place is understood as a personally specific and meaningful location but, of course, individual translations take a variety of forms – therefore the ‘something of place’ could be interpreted in the form of an object, a sound, an image or a text, alternatively it might be something more abstract (something related to a memory or perhaps something/somewhere imaginal) or a combination of some or all of these things.  

Dorsey’s Dance, embodied absence and evoking the ancestors: a collaborative encounterWithin the box the interaction of glass and shadows cast from the Whetstone on Hergest Ridge, my diary entries, the sound of Dr. Rob Irving and Dr Davina Kirkpatrick being there together and the horse and rider image viewed through the peephole, suggest strata and substrata, layers of story; affect, effect and material evidence of the ritual visits made to Hergest Ridge.