Collaborative presentation at Critical Autoethnography Virtual Conference

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miro board collage of photos and artwork by Dawne Fahey, Alys Mendus and Davina Kirkpatrick - thinking through images

The Conference theme for this 6th CAE Conference is -This BUBBLE moment. Excited to be selected to present with my collaborators artist/academics Dawne Fahey (Western Sydney University) and Alys Mendus (University of Melbourne)

The title of our presentation is Togetherness: affect, artmaking & autotheory

Three artists, together, yet far apart

troubling the impact of Covid-19

relying on technology

bubbles have been burst

innocence lost

separated from loved ones

Singularly, yet together, sharing, realising

creativity ensures our survival

connecting through art beyond words

incorporating the autotheoretical impulse

looking, experiencing difference

mending, making anew, nourishing our souls

Sharing, our artmaking, our words

filling the page, relieving our heartache

relying on technology, connecting

sharing affective tensions, lost dreams

questioning privilege

revealing invisibility, social margins

Togetherness, sharing our relationship – becoming present

on the page

and through zoom

questioning, where would we be?

without art?

without technology?

We have been using email, Zoom and Miro boards to communicate, get to know each other through images, and think through our connected and dispirit lives and the impacts of Covid.

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