A selection of private commissions both UK and international.

Fernhill, Wales.

A floor to ceiling bathroom window that interacts with the garden beyond. Inspiration came from drawings and photographs by Davina and Dr. Sue Porter of the oak trees and garden outside the house.

Restoration Project, Penryn, Cornwall.

The recreation of 16 Sixteenth Century windows for a cottage in Cornwall, that included ageing the glass for the clear windows by creating surface ripple in the kiln.

Restoration Project, Lizard, Cornwall.

Repair and extension of Victorian glass for an internal situation in a restored cottage.


Freestanding screen based on Cornish seascapes, the littoral zone and Hokusai prints. Encapsulated and kiln cast glass.


Former Friends Meeting House, stairway window, that lets in maximum light and interacts with the garden beyond.

Tonbridge, Kent.

Kitchen window, Homage to Matthew Smith, for a painter and picture restorer. A central sheet of etched red flashed glass brings warmth and colour to a basement kitchen.

Long Island, New York, USA.

Three panel window mounted on internal shutters that echoes the landscape/seascape of the surrounding area.

Cotham, Bristol.

Entrance window above doorway that works with both transmitted and reflected light. Etched and cast glass.

Clifton, Bristol.

Bathroom window that recollects holidays in Dorset and includes the clients son’s cast handprints and casts of fossils and shells found on the Dorset Coast.