Continuation of Twelfth Tide collaboration

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Claudia had sent me her response to her January image but mine stayed as an imagined image that tapped incessantly at my brain, asking to be made material. I took one of the photos I took on the Be More Ulf meditation walk as part of Moose Azim’s mindful photography workshop for Throes of Grief and layered it in Photoshop with my January angel image. The text that accompanies it is – Angels are waiting in the gaps in-between. I think I’d like to use this as a starting point for a series of pared back screen prints where different objects appear within the empty icon space.

Claudia said “the picture touched my heart…First I was shocked seeing the angel trapped behind the bars, but with your text it changed more to an opportunity….wonderful!”

Angels are waiting in the gaps in-between
collage with angel and landscape
Original twelfth tide image: January – Intention: When you dive into your stillness, who do you meet there? I dreamt I had articulated wings that unfurled. I was standing on a bridge – a gap between and showing them to someone.

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