Memorial commission

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I was asked to create a commission that including the house number and the inclusion of swallows. The man memorialised always looked for the first swallows to appear as an indication of the hope of summer returning.

The window contains acid etched, stained and painted glass. It was very important that the swallows held equal visual weight with the etched blue flash glass, which involved two trace firings of black glass paint and a matt firing using white and red opaque glass paint to modulate the light. The number is etched in red flash glass and then silver stained. I always design leaded windows being mindful that the lead lines act as the drawn lines and want them to have as much beauty and lyricism as the coloured glass.

design for stained glass window
window cartoon showing lead lines
glass cut for window
etched glass viewed with light through
etched glass swallow viewed with light through
swallows etched and glass painted waiting for firing in the kiln
swallows etched and second glass painting waiting for firing in the kiln
window etched, painted and stained viewed with light through before leading
leading up window
finished window on bench being cleaned and polished
stained glass window installed in porch of house

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