Prussia Cove collages

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collage of mesh and dark squares
Glittery night skies, deep dark spaciousness.
collage two irish terriers and bits of landscape
The warm embrace of laughter, conversation and sharing food.
collage of patterns and an irish terriers hind quarters
Staying between the lines of colouring delight and Ulf playing ball on the beach with the children.
collage of landscape and moon cycles
The threat recedes, the air is soft.
collage of shadows, water and moon cycles
Light line, the promise of sunshine.
collage of sunsets and rock textures
Sun is here, warmth flows through the window.

I continued the discipline from the Twelfth Tide collaboration of a daily collage for my yearly retreat at Prussia Cove in Coastguard Cottages with my friend and artist Carol Laidler. I had gathered the same collage materials with me as well as socks to darn, clothes to mend, books to read and food to cook. The wet weather and its affect on the coastal paths is challenging this year, though to be so near the sea is glorious. Ulf, the red dog, delights in extra walks and chasing seaweed on the beach.

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      hey thanks, yes I see that, they are also a weaving together of fragments from photos, torn images from books and conversations

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