Sigil Ritual and The Basildon Bond Experience

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sigil making

I have been working again with the moon cycle since Annabel Pettigrew sent me a moon calendar. I created a sigil spell at new moon and wrote it on a stone that I cast into running water (the Red River at Godrevy) at full moon.

The term sigil comes from Latin sigillum, meaning seal. Utilising chaos magic processes of condensing a statement of intent into a series of monogram images that I scribed on a stone and also carved into “a caucasian phallic coloured candle for some candle magic” sent me by Annabel. I burnt the candle at full moon as well, a doubling on intentions!

The Basildon Bond Experience is an exchange of letters and prompts between us exploring conversation, grief, loss and artwork.

I have also been stating the process of reimagining the artwork, Tying The Threads as I originally visited this each full moon to record its disintegration, but that is a teaser for a later post!

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