Twelfth Tide – intention setting collaboration

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collage with angel and landscape
January – Intention: When you dive into your stillness, who do you meet there? I dreamt I had articulated wings that unfurled. I was standing on a bridge – a gap between and showing them to someone.

For the twelve days of Christmas, I worked on a collaborative project with Claudia Canelli from the Bodies Collective. She sent a written prompt to respond to, we both created artwork. Each image setting an intention for each month of the year ahead. I worked with collage, collecting left-over images I had gathered for the Remembering Sue Workshop, written about in Collaborative Artful Inquiry. I let my hands glide over, sort through, tearing and cutting, placing and sticking, letting each piece form a rhythm, a subtle echo of shape, line, colour, and layered images. Letting my mind drift and expand, beyond the prompt. A daily meditation that I continued with more collages during my week retreat at Prussia Cove, but there letting the day be my prompt. I look forward to being surprised as I revisit the images I created throughout the coming year, seeing if there are prophetic resonances, in my choices of image and statement? 

collage with hare and a heart on a sleeve
Feb – Intention: Do I feel an impulse to orientate myself toward something? Celtic magic, shapeshifting, shadows, my heart on my sleeve, to trust and let go.


Collage with angel Raphael and shadow of Ulf dog
March – intention: What do I want to open my heart to? My heart opens to Raphael -healer and protector of travellers, to canine companions and elemental forces.
collage with nature and balanced standing stones
April – Intention: Where do I want to grow to? Balance, ritual, nature, rhythm.
collage with head sculpture and dead swan
May- intention: Being wild. The intensity of grief The veils between life and death.
collage of dark spaces and a ladder
June – Intention: What do I want to let go of? Let go of the dark, deep holes I fall into and remember that I have a ladder if needed.
collage of waterlilies and dogs
July – Intention: How can I live with more intensity here and now? Being in the here and now with Ulf and his unconditional red dog love.
collage with dog, lunar calendar and bubbles
August – Intention: What do I enjoy? I enjoy cosy indoors, knowing lunar time and hanging with my red dog indoors and out.
collage, inscribed hare on silver paper with sparkly stars and sprinkles
September – Intention: Where is the place within where I find the good? The hare’s/hair’s breadth between despair and delight.
collage of dark skies and wall paintings
October – Intention: What do I use my life energy for? The energy of creativity and the gerund – making, printmaking, writing, drawing, collaging, sewing, walking, dancing, exercising.
collage of dog and landscape
November – intention: What happens if I let go? Maybe it all works out…
collage with path and pressed orchid flower
December – Intention: Transformation and clear communication. Does something from the past nights need further clarification? Moving forward through dappled shade with the grace and joy of the orchid.

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